Feb 282016

I had a lovely time with Lora Grigorova and Alberto Sibaja, who stopped by the studio for a chat.  You can see images and hear the full interview in Spanish on their site Yourbanclash here.


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Feb 272016

Well I finally managed to upload my first children’s book “Arthropods are all Around!” to this site, where you all can get to it…

This was a fun project, a great way to start drawing again, to merge some of my skills and interests (especially relating to art and education) and to experiment with the internet.  I decided to only include animals I have never actually seen, and to rely solely on the internet for all of my research. A fun experiment in using the web to create and distribute a physical object.

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Jul 112013

Okay so…these days I’m drawing.  This is for many reasons, the most personal being: I’M ESPECIALLY TERRIFIED OF DRAWING!!!  But alas, economic realities also prevent me from doing anything else at the moment.  Have you ever worked for $18 USD a day?  That is what I make at my day job, and you may say sure, but the cost of living is soooooo cheap where you are—well let me tell ya folks a cup of coffee still costs about $2 in the city’s center.  Luckily I work in a bar that serves food so I am flush in beer and french fries.

Thus on my day off I am working on a set of illustrations for a children’s book.  I am hoping that one day I will actually finish it and upload it to the interwebs so that people can print it cheaply.  Here in Mexico books are definitely reserved for certain social classes, as they tend to cost at least twice the daily local minimum wage of $5 (and keep in mind that libraries here are more like museums because you can’t check out anything). I also have a friend who is working on education projects in Liberia, where public school students have no books at all, so if it turns out okay I hope she will print some and pass ‘em on to the teachers she works with.

You may think that due to the magic of the interwebs books are becoming obsolete, but remember books don’t need electricity or wireless, and they don’t break down.   And personally I can’t help but feel that a compelling object you live with is fundamentally different from a compelling image seen on a screen.  Am I just old fashioned?  At any rate I am using the interwebs for all my research and if I ever complete the darned thing, I hope to use it for distribution so you can’t label me a complete fuddy duddy!

Here are a couple of the preliminary designs:

scorpion copia copia          barnacle copia copia


Can you guess what the book will be about?


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Feb 232013

The final chapter in production for Ondine’s Exit started with embroidery:

01 gloves







I then made a sample glove based on some vintage kid gloves I have and patterns from the internet, in order to work out any kinks and practice my rusty sewing skills:

I used a bunch of bought and found natural materials in this piece which I had to sort through:

I then attached the feathers and porcupine quills onto the leather glove bodies:

04 gloves

Finally, I hand stitched all of the various parts together:

06 gloves

And tried them on for size:

07 gloves small


That’s it!  I imagine the three pieces in this series coming  together something like this:

Now that this project is finally finished, I would like to send a very grateful “thank you” to Ellen Babcock, who gave me lots of very good advice and technical tips during its conception and initial phases–Thanks Ellen!

So on to the next adventure…


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Feb 102013

I had access to all the wonderful woodworking tools at the University of New Mexico and was able to mill and glue a big ole stack of pine lumber together and start carving:

   02 tail

and carving:

03 tail   04 tail
and refining:
05 tail
 gettting the details worked out with hand tools:
 06 tail
working on the finish and fixing up the joint  (thanks to my mom and pop for carpentry advice and assistance!):
 07 tail
 selecting jewelry, eh voila!  She’s done!
      08 tail
09 tail
The final piece in this group is almost complete, check back soon!
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Sep 082012

First, an armature, my McQueen knockoffs:


Which I covered in clay.

100_2144 (1)

At that point I pulled a mold, and poured a pair in wax.  Then I really got busy until:


Then I pulled a second mold, made a pair of waxes and fixed up the details.  Shout out to Laird Hovland, talented artist and wax man extraordinaire, for technical advice!






When they came back from the Madd Castings foundry I dropped them off with Mike Masse, who filled in holes and cut off chunks, and gave them back to me like this:


At which point I cleaned up the details, worked on patina, polished and waxed.  Here’s a tease of the finished product, without its companion sculptures and installation pedestal, still working on all that:

04 mermaid shoes copy   05 mermaid shoes (detail) copy 2

Phew!  Now on to her tail and gloves…stay tuned!


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Sep 072012

Hi all!  Have been working for a long while on a series based on my own analysis of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” and  inspired by the work of late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  I have been documenting my process with this work and thought some of you might like a looksee into the studio.  Here are some concept walls and sketches for the project…I am backlogged on the blog, but will do my best to catch it up quick.  The finished pieces are to be made of wood, bronze, and embroidery/kid leather/mixed media.  Teaser: the shoes are complete!  More to come!

100_2131 copia


01 glove wall











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