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Okay so…these days I’m drawing.  This is for many reasons, the most personal being: I’M ESPECIALLY TERRIFIED OF DRAWING!!!  But alas, economic realities also prevent me from doing anything else at the moment.  Have you ever worked for $18 USD a day?  That is what I make at my day job, and you may say sure, but the cost of living is soooooo cheap where you are—well let me tell ya folks a cup of coffee still costs about $2 in the city’s center.  Luckily I work in a bar that serves food so I am flush in beer and french fries.

Thus on my day off I am working on a set of illustrations for a children’s book.  I am hoping that one day I will actually finish it and upload it to the interwebs so that people can print it cheaply.  Here in Mexico books are definitely reserved for certain social classes, as they tend to cost at least twice the daily local minimum wage of $5 (and keep in mind that libraries here are more like museums because you can’t check out anything). I also have a friend who is working on education projects in Liberia, where public school students have no books at all, so if it turns out okay I hope she will print some and pass ‘em on to the teachers she works with.

You may think that due to the magic of the interwebs books are becoming obsolete, but remember books don’t need electricity or wireless, and they don’t break down.   And personally I can’t help but feel that a compelling object you live with is fundamentally different from a compelling image seen on a screen.  Am I just old fashioned?  At any rate I am using the interwebs for all my research and if I ever complete the darned thing, I hope to use it for distribution so you can’t label me a complete fuddy duddy!

Here are a couple of the preliminary designs:

scorpion copia copia          barnacle copia copia


Can you guess what the book will be about?


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  1. is this book about sex? jus kidding. i hope there is going to be a horseshoe crab. or crabs in general. whoops that could be about sex too. haha

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