Sep 082012

First, an armature, my McQueen knockoffs:


Which I covered in clay.

100_2144 (1)

At that point I pulled a mold, and poured a pair in wax.  Then I really got busy until:


Then I pulled a second mold, made a pair of waxes and fixed up the details.  Shout out to Laird Hovland, talented artist and wax man extraordinaire, for technical advice!






When they came back from the Madd Castings foundry I dropped them off with Mike Masse, who filled in holes and cut off chunks, and gave them back to me like this:


At which point I cleaned up the details, worked on patina, polished and waxed.  Here’s a tease of the finished product, without its companion sculptures and installation pedestal, still working on all that:

04 mermaid shoes copy   05 mermaid shoes (detail) copy 2

Phew!  Now on to her tail and gloves…stay tuned!


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