Sep 072012

Hi all!  Have been working for a long while on a series based on my own analysis of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Little Mermaid” and  inspired by the work of late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.  I have been documenting my process with this work and thought some of you might like a looksee into the studio.  Here are some concept walls and sketches for the project…I am backlogged on the blog, but will do my best to catch it up quick.  The finished pieces are to be made of wood, bronze, and embroidery/kid leather/mixed media.  Teaser: the shoes are complete!  More to come!

100_2131 copia


01 glove wall











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  1. Hey you! This narrative of your process and materials is really great! Its nice to see it all coming together! I love the idea, and really commend you for the discipline a project like this takes. I dig how my imagination is enticed into the morphology of the subject. The shoes as I mentioned before are badass. I don’t remember seeing the wood piece, so looking forward to that as well!

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