Feb 232013

The final chapter in production for Ondine’s Exit started with embroidery:

01 gloves







I then made a sample glove based on some vintage kid gloves I have and patterns from the internet, in order to work out any kinks and practice my rusty sewing skills:

I used a bunch of bought and found natural materials in this piece which I had to sort through:

I then attached the feathers and porcupine quills onto the leather glove bodies:

04 gloves

Finally, I hand stitched all of the various parts together:

06 gloves

And tried them on for size:

07 gloves small


That’s it!  I imagine the three pieces in this series coming  together something like this:

Now that this project is finally finished, I would like to send a very grateful “thank you” to Ellen Babcock, who gave me lots of very good advice and technical tips during its conception and initial phases–Thanks Ellen!

So on to the next adventure…


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